The Latest in Travel Tech

It is always a great time to travel, but 2020 is predicted to be a great year for techy travellers with the reintroduction of wireless, travel-friendly drones, and more personalised ways to travel. Here are the new and exciting advances in travel tech to expect this year regardless of whether you are going to go and buy a commercial property in Melbourne, going on holiday in the Grampians or attending a future Melbourne festival. So once you have set your destination, you can bring along a little tech power to your travels. This can make travelling easier and more smooth as so many things can go wrong. Technology can give travellers the reassurance they need so that they can enjoy their trip worry free and experience all that life has to offer.

Go Tenna

This device acts like a walkie-talkie add on for your phone when you have no signal.

Are you planning to have a getaway abroad but don’t want to pay for mobile data while overseas? Or maybe you might go off-the-grid while visiting remote places. Go Tenna is the best solution to stay connected with the world. It is a Bluetooth operated plug-in device that allows you to send messages even when you are in an out of coverage area.  Messages are transmitted via radio waves, so no more getting lost at the airport pick up.

Mavic Pro Drone

This drone creates stunning aerial imagery, whilst only taking up 734 grams in your baggage.

Who doesn’t enjoy the dazzling montages of drone footage from Portugal, Miami and Myanmar? With DJi’s latest product, the Mavic, you can produce your own aerial videos and photography. Despite reaching 40mph and recording for 27 minutes at a time, this small and compact drone has been considered as the most consumer-friendly due to its size.

Just a friendly reminder, before flying your drone anywhere, be sure to check the local laws and airspace regulations. You might end up having to leave your drone behind if laws prevent use, which is worth considering when you pack.

Bragi Dash

This device is an in-ear fitness tracker and headphone.

Previous years might have been the years for Apple’s earbuds. However, 2020 is for Bragi Dash. Earphone use is taken to the next level, with wearable tech being crossbred with the earbuds. These earphones not only play your favourite tunes via two wireless buds, but they have in-ear biometric sensors, they’re waterproof, and they can take wireless calls as well. You can even take a conference call on the surfboard or while you are selling commercial real estate.

Smart Luggage Locks

What does it do?

Keys are things of the past. This device locks your luggage using Bluetooth instead of keys.

2020 brings a new convenient and worry free way of travelling. No more lost keys or forgotten codes. The Masterlock utilised Bluetooth technology to open and lock your suitcase. Once the eLocks app is downloaded, users and access permission for your own device and a number of others can be managed. GFC will also be introducing their new eGee Touch Smart Luggage Lock. This Bluetooth controlled zipper lock operates via the NFC app. There’s also a built-in TSA Lock in case you fly back and forth from the States often.

Pixel Phone + Google International Data

This device gets rid of data roaming boundaries.

Google has launched one of its best devices, an exceptional smartphone: 15-minute charge time, a 12.3 megapixel camera, powered by a super fast operating system. However, travellers are more attracted to the international data plan that comes along with it. US citizens can now buy the Google Pixel on any of the data plans, which will work in more than 135 countries. No roaming charges, no extra SIM cards needed. As of now, the device is only available to those who have a US mailing address, and 2020 will be the year to watch reviews of the data coverage from country to country. This is what an IT services company can assist you with should you have any issues.

Driverless Vehicles

Self driving vehicles will make for a smooth and hassle-free driving experience

The UK has successfully tested driverless cars and has confirmed their safety. However, it might a few years for insurance policies and new driving laws to be adapted to suit autonomous vehicles. There have been a number of cities that have tested out this technology before UK. The world’s first autonomous bus system has been launched  in Helsinki, San Francisco has been the recipient for testing Google’s driverless cars and Uber is currently testing autonomous vehicles in Boston as well. This will allow for more productive network performance monitoring while the car drives itself.

The Return of the Travel Agent

Travel has been personalised with bots and algorithms.

AI intelligence has been improving year-on-year, so it’s no surprise we will see more travel experiences that are being tailored to each customers needs. Brian Chesky, the founder of AirBnB, pioneered this kind of service and unleashed the world of Trips at the Los Angeles Open this year. These experiences will be customised around the host, whether you’re after vintage shopping in Paris or hiking through the Balkans. Skyscanner introduced a new service called Skyscanner Search for Alexa this year. Alexa is the AI ‘bot’ for Amazon, which you can ask a variety of questions too without going through any stressful communications. It’s almost like going back in time to a travel agent at your fingertips that can tell you in an instant what graphic design exhibitions are on, or fun events being hosted. These professionals have in-depth knowledge and a great understanding of what is happening and also what the best deals are. Often there is a misunderstanding that travel agents are trying to scam customers. This could not be further from the truth as they have professional knowledge on the best deals in town.

Tips for Travelling with Your Children

Many parents dread travelling with children and opt to plan a mini getaway and leave them with in home child care. It is easy to understand why. But for those sticking it out and planning a big family vacation, what should a parent do when travelling with their children? Is it even possible to have a relaxing and enjoyable trip with your kids nagging and worrying you with their curious wandering minds?

Sure it is! And here are a few tips that can help to make travelling with your children a smooth and easy experience:

Give Them Options

It is important to have a bag of tricks which is a number one rule. Plenty of work goes into the preparation but it is surely worth it on the long journeys.

Get age-appropriate toys and different activities but the secret here is to give it to them one by one. Giving them everything at once gets it over and done with fast. Give them one thing at a time and let them lay with that then bring something else out once they are finished with that.

  • Animals and dinosaur figurines
  • A wallet filled with items fun to pull out like feathers, stickers and homemade credit cards
  • Stickers and paper, it can take little ones plenty of time to fiddle with stickers and try to stick them on.
  • A mini set of  toy cars to share between siblings or the whole family for a race
  • Playdough or clay and a little tray to keep it contained
  • Books. Buy some second-hand books your kids have not read before
  • Pack of cards like snap or memory and a small tray so everyone can have a turn
  • Audiobooks with headphones are a good option too
  • iPads work wonders but use these as a last resort, they’re on vacation to enjoy the scenery

Stock Up On Easy Snacks

If your children are hungry, they are going to be grumpy. Kids love to snack and are always looking for a treat here and there. Keep some low in sugar snacks that are pre-cut and portioned so they can be dispensed easily. Keep in mind that if you are travelling internationally or out of the state you might need to dispose of food that is uneaten or already cut.

Good ideas to use:

tortilla chips and drinks on table
  • popcorn
  • cheese and crackers
  • mini muffins
  • bliss balls
  • muesli bar
  • veggie sticks
  • cherry tomatoes and grapes
  • pikelets
  • sliced fruit

Be Prepared For Anything

Pack a change of clothes for each child and the parents also. One of the children may have car sickness and then a change of clothes can come in handy. Take some bags so you can wrap them up and eliminate bad smells. Ensure you have Panadol on hand if you are travelling a long way or if the little one has an ear infection or cold these can flare up at the last minute and it can be the worst travel time ever if you don’t have pain relief.

It may be good to keep motion sickness tablets on hand as well for those not used to flights and cruises and be sure to check for the right amount for children and adults to avoid any other unexpected complications.

two girls sitting on a bench in view of a park with lake

Keep It Flexible

Give yourself plenty of time and don’t go rushing around. If you get to the airport early there is always an area for kids where they can play and burn off some steam before heading off. When you are driving to your destination allow plenty of time to make regular stops for babies that need feeding and changing and older kids who are sick of sitting around and need to run around and parents can stretch their legs.

If your kids sleep well at night, then consider travelling at night so most of the travel time is spent sleeping. For those with a dedicated full-time nanny, it may even be worth it to consider bringing them on the trip to make it easier and treat your extended family member at the same time!

Follow these few tips to ensure you have a more pleasant trip when it comes to travelling with the whole family.

The best portable speakers for travelling

There is nothing better than travelling the world. The second best thing, I think, is packing! Who doesn’t love the exciting feeling of excitement when you choose what to bring along for your holiday? I love visualising my outfits and I always take selfies of my outfits to bring along with me. In terms of tech, I always bring some cool pop sockets to match my outfits and obviously my camera. Sometimes I also bring my GoPro camera, or my just some snazzy phone accessories that will help me take good photos.

Another important aspect, of course, is the music! Are you in search of the best portable Bluetooth speaker? 

Here are my top choices for travelling:

JBL Clip 3

These are compact and waterproof. The JBL 3 clip has plenty to offer in the small package. This includes equipment to attach it to your bag or clothing and there are plenty of colours to choose from. The IPX& waterproof rating is great and you get around 10 hours of playtime with an inbuilt echo and noise-cancelling speakerphone and is quite affordable for many budgets.

JBL Flip 4

This one comes in a little pricier than the clip 3 but it gives you 12 hours of battery life and you can connect 2 wireless tablets or smartphones if you want to take turns being a DJ. The flip has a IPX7 waterproof build that gives you echo and noise-cancelling for clearer calls. If you have the desire, you can link 100JBL connect and enable speakers if you want one great amplified tune session. It has a button to activate Siri or Google Now.

Anker Motion Q

This is a very understated design with a waterproof IPX7 rating, 360 degrees sound and it floats. It comes with 10 hours of battery life and comes in under $60.00. It is firmly designed to showcase the fact you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a versatile or functional design.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

These have some great features all in a burly design that let your personality shine through with plenty of colours to choose from. It floats and has an IPX7 waterproof rating and it can deliver 360 degrees of music for up to 10 hours. If you want something with more sound, then you can go to the upgraded version the Boom 3 or the megaboom for even more volume.

Bose SoundLink Micro

These might look small, but they are mighty. With the aims of quality sounds in an easy portable form that is waterproof. It comes with the IPX7 waterproof rating, Siri and Google assistant and speakerphone functions. It comes with a tear-resistant strap that can be secured to bags, bikes, clothing etc. if you find you want more you can upgrade to their Revolve which is more size and weight but more volume.

Beats by Dre Pill+

So these are just under $200 and come in at one of the most expensive speakers. They offer a durable and sleek style that will adapt to many environments. It comes with 12 hours of battery life and you can charge your phone or other devices from it, so it doubles as a battery pack. You can control the sound from two different Bluetooth sources, and you can even tag- team with a second one in order to play simultaneously from both of the speakers. This however given the price is not waterproof.

From this list here you will surely find a portable speaker that suits your needs. Whether for a day at the beach, pool party with friends or just after some music while going for an enjoyable bike ride these speakers work well for all different uses. 

Do some research first and ensure the one you choose is waterproof if you are planning a day by the water.

Fancy Art Hotels Around The World

In the society which we live in, there’s normally somebody aiming to become successful by providing a new meaning to extravagance. Whereas there is a yacht made by Jeff Koons to continuously mull over, there’s no arguing that spending the night at an exquisite place, surrounded by magnificent pieces of art worth millions with world class customer service is unique and a one of a kind experience.

In case you’re an enthusiast of luxury voyaging and are sick of the usual tourist-filled places (and at times the additional rats); here’s a rundown of the few resorts from all over the world, which includes fantastic collections of artwork (one of them being an accommodation in Hobart having over 500 pieces of artwork in their collection) to add on into your own bucket listing!

1. The Thief, Oslo

The Thief, true to its significance, are artworks “stolen” from the Curator Sune Nordgren by a few museums to place on screen. Some are out of the notable Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art; that is but a brief distance off. Along with others, by the collector Petter Stordalen, plus a famous hotel tycoon.

The Thief includes much more or less 150 modern arts, by famous artists like Jeff Koons and Julian Opie, amongst others. Along with the pieces of artwork exhibited in the resort varies every now and then. Each room presents different mediums of art. From photographs to prints to procured paperwork.

However, they also contain original functions in the Oslo Suite. And of course that a few creations by Sir Peter Blake. The Apparatjik package can be availed from the daring in your heart. It presents artwork installations, disco clothes and video arts created by the supergroup Apparatjik presented on metal display stands.

2. La Colombe d’Or, Côte d’Azur

Located in Côte d’Azur, South of France is really a charming hotel from the name of La Colombe d’Or. What initially started as a bar named Chez Robinson back in 1902, today comes with a rich selection of history. Proprietors Paul and Baptistine Roux decided to transform it as an inn, also renamed the institution as La Colombe d’Or.

They have a small, however notable buildup of artworks together with a massive sculpture by Alexander Calder located by the pool along with a Georges Braque mosaic. Their most recent addition is a mosaic from the backyard produced by Sean Scully.

A good deal of free thinkers and artists from the 1940s were drawn to the Côte d’Azur. During the time, artists have chosen to remain in the inn, leaving their nice creations behind. Much like Joan Miró and Henri Matisse, whose artworks continue to be exhibited there. The accommodation stays a family-run firm.

3. Henry Jones Hotel, Australia

As a hotel that prides itself on its history and art collection, staying at the Henry Jones is comparable to staying at a museum — a very comfortable, museum. Boasting over 500 pieces of artworks on display, Henry Jones is among the best luxury hotels in Hobart. They provide guests with art and history tours to share the history behind the establishment and the 500 over Tasmanian art inhibiting its walls.

4. 21c Louisville Museum Hotel, USA

Everything started when writers Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson began collecting artworks. Whatever the case, as their assortment thrived, in order the number of resorts they opened. 21c is a collection of highly modern art museum resorts. To adapt their rotating displays, they now have 4 hotels in the company — with 4 currently in the works.

Artworks currently exhibited in the Louisville website are: Text Rain movie from Camille Utterback, Cloud Rings from Ned Khan (which divides fog to the sidewalk), along with Iván Navarro’s Untitled light bulb and mirror installments at the elevator ceilings. Artworks are exhibited in each the rooms, so guests will really wake up surrounded by them.

5. Peabody Hotel Group, USA

Jasmine (13 ft wide) was created for the Peabody Hotel Group, Memphis, TN. The Peabody Hotel Group needed a wire work art for their Hampton Inn and Suites that exemplified the music scene in Memphis. The resort is situated a couple hundred feet out of Beal Street — a significant jazz center and tourist attraction — also hosts many groups which come to Memphis for your audio. I researched the region and created drawings of a few of the artists. I wished to demonstrate the involvement of individuals with their songs. The drawings brought from the intense feelings, as well as the cord, highlighted that energy. Hotel management enjoyed the sculpture so much that they requested that an extra figure is added to the group. Since the mural is produced from quite a few personalities which are individually wrapped, it was simple to re-arrange the bits to keep up a visual balance.

If seeing art is not really your thing, here are some other cool hotels around the world:

Travelling for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Is It Practical?

Things you should know about “medicinal tourism” and reasons why a lot of people do it.

Smoke, sun, smiling, frowning, inherited qualities, free radicals — life in short — will all appear all over your face regardless of how much skin products and moisturiser you’ve put on your face. With the modern cosmetic procedures, we have access today; you can be slimmer, younger with a few procedures. Remove those lines and wrinkles on your face by a facelift or remove excess fat and skin on your belly with stomach liposuction.

Even though most of us want to modify our physical appearance, not all of us can afford the cost of cosmetic surgeries. The option? Medicinal tourism or visiting other countries for surgeries. Why get a belly tuck in Boston when you can get it in Buenos Aires at a much lower price — airfare included?

Although like any other medical procedures, risks both physically and even monetarily can happen after the surgery.

A developing pattern:

By visiting other countries, individuals can save from 40 to 80 per cent for cosmetic surgery, depends upon what the operation will be and on what country. Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico are among the best global stops for plastic surgeries, with Russia, India, Turkey, Germany, and France following on the top ten, indicated by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Medical tourism, which includes all operations including elective cosmetic surgery, is increasing internationally at an expected rate of 15 to 25 per cent, says Patients Beyond Borders, a renowned research association for information and data on the travel and health business.

The association gauges that roughly 1.4 million Americans travels to a different country yearly for knee replacement surgery to dental crowns.

Lots of Americans who might never consider going abroad for getting a replacement knee didn’t think twice to travel for plastic surgery. The ISAPS revealed that more than 20 million surgical and nonsurgical operations were performed all over the world in 2014.

There are some possible disadvantages when travelling to another country for cosmetic surgery.
Getting cosmetic surgery overseas may result in problems such as infection, improper healing, and other health problems caused by lower standards of care. A lot of the time, post-operative care is not covered by insurance which can turn a cheap procedure not so cheap. It is vital for patients looking overseas to choose qualified and trusted clinics.

The most famous kinds of cosmetic medical procedures done overseas:

Most commonly, women travel for breast augmentation procedures, leading as the world’s most well-known procedure. Coming in close are liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and breast lifts. Plastic surgery is not just limited to women; men also travel for procedures such as eyelid surgery and male breast reduction surgery is the most popular two.

These outcomes validate something that most certified cosmetic specialists knew — that the interest for cosmetic surgery is more significant than before. Internationally, we are seeing records of patients hoping to utilise the most recent developments in cosmetic surgery to look better and feel better.

International travel is frightening to numerous individuals, and the majority of us don’t appreciate the idea of any medical procedure, so it’s not difficult to envision the pressure that comes with travelling to another country for a medical system.

International cosmetic specialists understand this, and numerous go to considerable lengths to make everything included in travelling to their clinics as reassuring and straightforward as can be expected.

Numerous medical tourist is pleased to discover that plastic surgeries in another country can be like a usual spa vacation with bundles that includes all surgical care, picking you up in the airport, pre-and post-surgery lodging in four-star hotels, excellent meal plans, and — depends on you — sightseeing and tours.

Skin Care Mistakes You May Make When Traveling

Skin Care Mistakes You May Make When Traveling

You’re all set for that dream holiday and have everything packed and ready to go, but what about your skincare routine? Just because you are going on holiday and escaping the daily grind for a couple of days does not mean you need to exclude taking care of your complexion as you’re jet-setting from city to city. It’s rather the reverse. It turns out there are a couple of common skincare mistakes you may be creating while vacationing. Hint: There is much more to it than ditching skincare products such as facial cleanser and moisturiser on your carry on. Below, find out exactly what they are and exactly what you need to do instead so as to maintain skin looking its finest while you are away from your home.                                  

Mistake 1: not stocking up on travel sized products

There is just so much space in your luggage, amongst the bikinis, summer dresses and cute sandals that you are bringing. The odds are, you are likely to get some souvenirs you will want to find room to for the trek the back. That is why it is a fantastic idea to search for travel-size skincare solutions. Cannot locate your faves in smaller dimensions? No worries! It is possible to place your skincare products into small, reusable containers. To stop them from leaking, put a little piece of plastic wrap under the lid, and then keep all of them in a transparent baggie.

Mistake 2: you don’t prepare your skin for a flight

Are you going to invest some quality time in a plane anytime soon? It is a fantastic idea to do a little prep work before you board. To begin with, use makeup removing towelettes, to gently exfoliate and remove oil, dirt, and cosmetics. The wipes are alcohol-free and will not dry your skin out. Additionally, there is no rinsing needed, and therefore you don’t need to leave your flight’s waiting area to utilise them. If you want to fully safeguard, treat yourself to a hydrafacial a few days before travelling. Additionally, skin peels can also give you some instant rejuvenation just before travelling.

Mistake 3: you forget about your skincare whilst flying

Sure, you are likely to slip on a set of ear phones and listen to some music or watch a film on the plane, but give your skin some love too. If you are traveling someplace far and know you are likely to experience jet lag, then consider applying an eye lotion to help manage the appearance of dark circles and swelling—tell tale signs that you did not get sufficient sleep.

Mistake 4: you don’t refresh your face after the flight

Now you understand what to do before and during a ride in the sky– what about once you land? Your complexion may look somewhat dull after being cooped up in a dry atmosphere, so turn to brightening makeup solutions.

Mistake 5: you don’t adapt your skincare routine to the destinations’ climate

When you reserve a trip, you probably pick somewhere with a different climate than that which you reside to get a new adventure. This means that you might wish to consider tailoring your skincare regimen based on where you are going. By way of instance, if you have a tendency to use a moisturizer that is rich but you are vacationing somewhere humid and hot, it may be a fantastic idea to change to a lightweight moisturizer with a matte finish to help prevent skin from getting too greasy.

If you are visiting someplace tropical…Cleanse your skin using a micellar water morning and night to help rid the surface of the skin of dirt, oil, and cosmetics. Ensure that you bring a bunch of cotton rounds together with you also. Simply pour some micellar water on the mat and then wipe it on your own face.

If you are seeing a desert locale…With little to no moisture from the atmosphere, you might discover your skin feeling dry. Thus, decide on a gentle, no-rinse cleansing choice, and also follow up using a hydrating moisturiser, and needless to say, broad-spectrum sunscreen is crucial!

If you are seeing a chilly climate…Jet-setting into a Ski resort? You will experience dry skin, because of the very low moisture from the atmosphere. And dryness may make your skin to appear dull. Pack a lotion facial cleanser, which will help to eliminate all traces of impurities and makeup. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and helps improve smoothness and radiance.

Mistake 6: forgetting about your hands and lips

So, your face warrants the moisturising care, but no additional part of your body does? Think again! Your palms are outside in the elements–and also regular hand-washing can lead them to become sterile. Make sure you throw a hand lotion in your handbag so you can moisturise on the move–bonus stage if it’s SPF! Your lips also deserve a little excess love. Maintain a hydrating lip balm (better when it’s SPF!) in your bag so it is possible to reapply on the move. After all, employing lipstick over dry lips is not an enjoyable adventure, right?

Mistake 7: you don’t use sunscreen or aren’t using enough of it

We have told you that before, and we’ll tell you again: Broad-spectrum sunscreen is crucial year-round, rain or shine. When you invest some time at the sun without wearing protection, this may cause harm, which may appear as visible signs of ageing down the road, such as dark stains and wrinkles. Sunsmart advocates having a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater, make sure you reapply at least every 2 hours, or promptly after swimming or perspiration.

Mistake 8: you forget to nourish from the inside

When travelling, we sometimes opt for fast food and eat less healthy than usual. Don’t forget to eat plenty of fresh food including vegetables and choose wholesome prepared meals instead of oily fast food that could damage your skin.

Now you know the errors to avoid, you can go about your holiday with this much-needed stress-free mindset you have been craving (and deserving).

Top Five Trendiest Hotels in Sydney

Whether you are fortunate enough to reside in the gorgeous city of Sydney or are arranging a trip, understanding where to visit and most of all the trendiest places to stay is essential. Whether you are interested in staying in a hotel furnished by the best interior designers Sydney has to offer, or in a beach front hotel with harbour view, Sydney has something for everyone. Listed below are the top five hotel picks you want to reserve today.

QT SYDNEY: QT Sydney is cool, stylish and lavish, made by Nic Graham and Shelly Indyk. The interior is a full-on mix of edgy décor inspired oversized pieces of furniture with an interesting texture. Located at the very heart of Sydney’s CBD, inside the historical Gowings and State Theatre buildings, QT Sydney ensures guests have a dynamic and indulgent stay. The city is right outside your door step so there are unlimited possibilities of places to see and visit.

WATSONS BAY HOTEL: Want striking harbour views right on the beach? Watsons Bay Hotel provides both. A classy interior having a relaxed cabana design, intriguing outdoor pub, open-air dining all over the deck showcasing the best beach style furniture Australia has to offer and of course an awesome view of the city skyline. You will be staying in authentic Sydney beach fashion at the Watsons Bay Hotel. The city is just a short ferry ride away, but still hidden and sheltered so you feel like you are away.

LANGHAM HOTEL SYDNEY: If decadence is exactly what you want, then The Langham Sydney is the solution. Sophisticated and refined inside be spoilt with, a stunning pool beneath the starry skies and situated in the centre of the historic Rocks precinct, this lavish hotel is a must-see on our list. Ensure you treat yourself to the Wedgewood Afternoon Tea at the Palm Court to complete the experience.

OLD CLARE HOTEL: inhabiting not only one, but two iconic Sydney buildings, fashionable and tasteful old-world glamour is what the Old Clare Hotel is all about. The historic vaulted ceilings and wooden flooring as well as restored architectural pieces mix with modern coastal furniture to create a unique vibe. View the landscape from above at the roof top pool and enjoy the local food an art conveniently. Central station is minutes away as a gateway to the rest of the city.

HOTEL PALISADE: Situated just above the Docklands at the inner corner of the rocks, this hotel is both historical and beautiful, boasting remarkable views of the city and harbour from every angle. The vibrant character of this hotel was revitalised by designer Sibella and architect Alex Popov. This hotel shows off some of the best of interior styling Sydney has seen, combining coastal and industrial components with hand painted pieces by Neil Mallard in the rooms. Enjoy a cocktail from the impressive selection at the bar spread over 2 levels whilst taking in the breath-taking panoramic views.


The 3 Best Off Road Vehicles for Exploring the World

There are nearly endless forum discussions and email chains surrounding what is ‘The very best off road adventuring vehicle’, so I compiled a whole and complicated set of alternatives and then painstakingly compared them to each other. This isn’t the ‘secure’ record of only Toyotas and Land Rovers, but a listing that reflects automobiles available to buy in the USA and used around the globe.

It’s a listing of vehicles which are actually being used to drive to the distant places of the earth. This isn’t a listing of ‘stone crawlers’, but a listing of severe exploration selections for adventure traveling. I apologize ahead of time if your favourite truck did not make the listing. Ultimately, you need to drive everything you really adore and who cares what a man like me believes; with so many 4wd accessories and vehicle enhancements out there, you can turn almost anything into an off road machine. But, if you’re at present searching for a secondhand vehicle to go down to Nicaragua in, then this is a great place to get started.

What makes a fantastic used overland automobile?

Normally, someone purchasing a used vehicle is searching for value for money, but they’re also searching for something trustworthy. There are critical features that all overland vehicles ought to have:


The ability of the car to traverse rugged, muddy, spanned axle terrain such as deep-water crossings, intense side slopes, hill climbs and descents. This is obviously just important if you would like to leave paved streets on your journeys.


The capacity to carry weight from the motor vehicle. This is quantified by payload figures. Ability, or payload, should be among the initial factors given to vehicle choice, as while you might be able to change aesthetic features like adding leather seats to a car, little could be done in order to safely enhance its payload score after purchase.


The ability of the car to journey rocky terrain, fully loaded without chassis or drivetrain collapse with years of continual use.


The ability of a car to go over long distances and complete years of service in rocky terrain with no motor, electric and service system failure because of component malfunction.


Valuation of automobile cost to material. Vehicles with high functional content such as 4wd bull bars already installed and nominal “luxury” content will result in the maximum value evaluations.

Why did I pick these vehicles?

The reality of the list is that almost everyone who reads it is going to disagree with me. That’s reasonable enough and totally understandable as most of us have our own prejudice, expectations, requirements and taste. What I could say is I have pushed and analyzed every one of these trucks and have really possessed most of them. A number of the vehicles on the listing I’ve driven on several continents and in a huge variety of conditions. Additionally, I have chosen these vehicles based on just 2-3 people in the automobile, a small equipment expectation and using a maximum used price of $30,000. If you’d like plenty of camper or space conveniences then these aren’t the vehicles for you – which is going to be a different listing. I’m also not likely to concentrate on vehicles before 1990 – even though I have so much love for my older 1977 FJ40. Newer vehicles are only better – in just about any way and I guess most will concur. You will find amazing old vehicles (the 1985 4Runner for example), however it isn’t the aim of this listing.

For every car, I’ve listed my area pf experience with the choice to offer context in my decision/evaluation points.

1: Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series (Any year) – $10,000-30,000

I can listen to the crying and gnashing of teeth of the FZJ80 owners (I’m one), but the fact is – that the 100 series is only better for vehicle-based experience traveling. It has a far greater engine with 100% greater performance and may even handle 1-2 mpg better based on fuel economy. The 4.7L does not eat head gaskets or PHHs and runs ice cold (no AC shutoff at the Mojave). Sure it does not have a strong axle, which restricts the most intense terrain program, but the 80 is not really that great at extreme terrain anyways. The 100 series also includes excellent brakes which don’t vanish after a couple of minutes on a twisty road. The inside is elegant, quiet and comfortable. Overall fit and finish is class leading, as is inside durability and materials.

On the Street, the 100 series will fly at 85 Mph and then change into low-range and handle the hardest terrain with only a couple of alterations. If you put in an OME HD suspension, new shocks and 295/75 R16 BFG ATs, you may go just about everywhere you wish to go in excellent comfort. These trucks also have proven to be among the most Dependable vehicles ever imported into the US and it’s not uncommon to find cases with 300,000 miles which are still rattling around.

2: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK (2007- ) $20,000-30,000

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK was a game-changer for Jeep as an overland vehicle. These vehicles have proven to be dependable, supremely competent and readily modifiable. More so than any other automobile on this listing, you can have a stock Jeep Rubicon Unlimited and push nearly any street, anywhere on the planet, without any modification. There’s also no need to add a sunroof to this car with most iterations coming with a canopy or roofless; Enter the Rubicon Trail into the jungles at Guatemala (I’ve done both together). They can be simple, powerful and also have ample interior storage area. They’re also available on many continents today, such as South America, Australia and Africa, therefore support infrastructure is advancing. On the other hand, the Jeep Wrangler is a little unkind and harsh, therefore driver exhaustion will probably be greater and NVH will take its toll on longer street segments.

3: Toyota Tacoma (2001-2008) $10,000-25,000

Both the Gen 1.5 and Gen 2 Tacomas are exceptional vehicles and almost beat the legendary Hilux in most regions but payload and diesel power plant. These trucks are easy and powerful, rewarding the experienced traveller with superior price, reliability and great on-road relaxation. They are sometimes overloaded, overdriven, mistreated, rattled and frozen with no demonstration. My 2004 Tacoma travelled out of the Arctic Ocean in -57F into the Darien Gap in Panama and everything in between. I even used it to pre-run the Baja 500 annually and never had one warranty claim.

Downsides are restricted but notable. Stock suspension is horrible and totally mismatched to the motor vehicle. Front is too soft and under-dampened and the back gets kidney dislodging axle wrap and jump. Account for an autofocus or Old Man Emu suspension in your finances, since the alteration isn’t an alternative. The very first generation Tacomas also suffered from inferior interior material quality and horizontal, unsupportive seats. The production two trucks are somewhat better in both balances. These trucks will be the real deal. A couple little alterations and you’ll be able to drive one round the planet – a couple of times.


Best places for shoe shopping in NYC

Shopping among the most bustling cities around the world can seem daunting initially. After all, it is hard to find out where to begin in one of fashions largest capitals when there seems to be a luxury department store or chic boutique on each street corner. We have narrowed down our treasured favorites and suggest you use it as your NYC shopping roadmap, armed with credit cards in hand. Our favourite areas to score the best garments, shoes, and much more in NYC. 

Bergdorf Goodman 

Bergdorf Goodman is a milestone in Manhattan, not only for its dramatic, show-stopping windows or its enormous range of accessories, fine jewelry or the hottest collections but because of its tradition and ability to merge classic collections such as Dior, Valentino, and Prada using an array of new talents worth noticing. This one-of-a-kind place is well worth popping into even when you are not in the market for anything other than a fun token, bite to eat or some quick retail therapy.  


Girls that tend to shop uptown, but with an edge, locate their own sole-mates and so much more in Barneys. And, due to the Caribbean vibes, the uptown flagship has been exuding for decades, the new downtown shop in Chelsea is offering a slightly different, even more avant-garde offering to appease the It girl set. Head here if you’re looking for an accessories edit that’s tough to conquer and something a little outside the box.

Kirna Zabete 

Those who prefer to shop in a boutique Instead of in a large-scale department store head straight to Kirna Zabête for a well-curated edit of the newest collection’s greatest looks. When surfing the racks here, expect top names such as Gucci and Saint Laurent, but also names which have more recently entered the fashion world, like Sies Marjan, Monse and Magda Butrym. If you are after a gift, this may be the ideal spot to find the great unconventional token, as it stocks pieces and decorative accessories you likely won’t find elsewhere.  

Saks Fifth Avenue 

A NYC institution, Saks Fifth Avenue is yet another of the city’s historic department stores, known for its designer wares, wide range of departments and noteworthy window layout. Our favourite elements of this must-stop store is their shoe section, 10022 shoes, which is arguably among the best in the world showcasing some of the best in womens pumps.  

 The Apartment by the Line 

Created to inspire and give a more personalized approach to retail, The Line is a totally curated selection of fashion, home and beauty products placed throughout what seems like a living room, giving you the capability to do precisely what you always dream of doing when you walk into a department store, shop it. Their editorial method of living, shopping and personal style are enviable and, through their flagship place in New York, accessible. 


Claire Distenfeld, a native New Yorker and also an enthusiastic collector, will be translating her love of art, fashion and the finer things to a multi-level shopping experience on Manhattan’s Upper East Sid -but not at the big-box retail kind space the place is famous for. Aimed at being a veritable treasure trove of all Distenfeld’s favorite items and discoveries rather than a hub of the fashion world whos-who, Fivestory offers an exceptional edit, exclusive goods and capsule collections and a wide assortment of party heels at a luxury, intimate space.  

Thomas Sires 

This location has a trendy, low-key vibe that isn’t trying too hard; it aims at capturing a feeling of gypsy-level whimsy, with goods sourced from the proprietor’s trips around the Earth, instead of a posh, prim pretention. Head here if you’re looking for a gift for a friend, or a hand-sourced embroidered top from Mexico for your next adventure. 


A modern, minimalist aesthetic is felt throughout Totokaelo, another NoLita shopping must. Shopping here usually comprises of a fitting room full of Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, Haider Ackermann and much more, all with an easy yet quality appearance and feel. Heels sold here are not too high, and no shape is ever too form-fitting. Come here expecting to spend big at a luxury price point, but instead buy pieces which are thought to be lived in and enjoyed. 


While most believe Manhattan to be the heart or all things key from the New York fashion scene, owner Jen Mankins needed a vision for Brooklyn. Her four boutiques located across the city’s trendiest borough are made up of a curation of designers that are famous for quality however cool wearable staples (Rachel Comey, Ulla Johnson and Acne Studios). Head to bird for a laidback feel of comfort shoes that does not skimp on luxury. 


Being a fashion hub has its own perks, one of which is an incredible supply of vintage wears. Think about a woman’s purchase cycle. She first purchases some of the most recent runway’s best at Bergdorf Goodman and is bound to run out of space inside her cupboard soon enough, fall out of love with an old piece, or inevitably encounter a situation of buyer’s remorse. That is where our favourite classic hubs, like New York Vintage, Resurrection, Stella Dallas, What Comes Around Goes Around, Ina NYC and many others come in and attribute a few of the best second-hand designer duds in town showcasing mens and womens shoes.  


Get Out of the Office to Improve Your Business

Many people think of travelling as a playful action, and while at times it can be just that, it is also much, much more. There are a whole lot of tangible benefits to travelling — particularly in the event that you usually lock yourself and devote every moment to the operation of your organization.

Here are a few reasons why stepping outside the workplace can be a great factor for your wellbeing and to your company.

Travelling is healthy


Anxiety, when left unattended, may lead to depression and heart difficulties. Travelling, whether for business, pleasure, or both, helps you to release stress. This is because it takes you away from the workplace and the broader environment that compels you to work all the time, while giving you a few much-needed downtimes, thus improving both your physical and mental health. You don’t need to be in the office 24/7 as a modern entrepreneur, if you can’t bare to turn a blind eye on your business for a week or two, thanks to technology, a quick look at the reporting dashboard will indicate how your business is progressing while you are away.


Travelling is inspiring

Inspiration often requires a broad ingestion of influences — something which is simply impossible unless you are not laser-focused on work.

When you leave the job environment and are travelling around; the stimulation your new surroundings supplies can often let you acquire new insight on the world around you. Events you attend or people you meet might inspire you locate the world from a new angle, and sometimes meeting folks in a relaxed environment can do more for you than listening to motivational speakers.

Travelling teaches communication skills

It isn’t about what you say; it’s about how you say it, which is the first rule of being a leader. We all know it, but it’s true, tone of voice, body language, the faces you make and the way you talk all contribute to what people understand from you.


All these are particularly important when you find yourself in abroad land where you must contend with language constraints and differences in culture. This sort of situation will cause you to find creative ways of getting around them. As an entrepreneur, studying the craft of effective communicating abroad can help improve team management general rapport with your employees (especially if they are from different cultures), investors and customers.

Travelling with others may cause you to love others’ experiences

Some of us prefer to do things solo; nonetheless, travelling in a group is a way to be sure you gain more experiences than you would have alone. Furthermore, it allows you to find some much-needed family time.


When you do everything together as a group, others function as an additional pairs of eyes. They will often see and hear and do things that you did not do and your interactions with them will provide more insight than your singular experience ever could.


Going with a group also means you will sometimes have to rely on their strengths and give up on your own requirements for the betterment of the group. This could help you bond as a team or family and drive home the point that selflessness can only be a positive thing. This sort of bonding could be directly back to your organization, bonding between the workers and working together on tasks and jobs will boost worker productivity, for those who have a better knowledge of it, then you’ll see how it can relate to your office.

Travelling will help create meaningful connections

Making new friends and business partnerships in new regions can mean more than just business. It might also mean you won’t have to check into a hotel when you find the region.

You could also leverage business connections you make in this way when you need to expand your company. Your connection on the ground can use his community knowledge that will help you do all the necessary research and legwork and permit you to settle into a new territory.

It’s possible to carve out more time to think

As an entrepreneur, you are frequently forced to create spur-of-the-moment business decisions, follow up potential investors and always hustle. When was the last time you had the opportunity to sit down and think?


Travelling affords you the vital time to meditate and reflect. Find something to do to take your mind off work, if you are just sitting on the top of a mountain bike by a lake or basking in sunlight. Such situations can cause your brain to think of new ideas to help your business and personal life, sometimes the best thing a business coach can suggest is a vacation.



Driving Versus Flying These Holidays?

Pro: you’re in charge. By and large, individuals enjoy their vacations more when they have greater flexibility. It’s the spontaneous choices that make a holiday really unique. With a car and truck in your belongings with a spare tyre replacement handy, you’re not lumped with a set travel plan – you can find your own fun and take things at your own rate.

new tyres

Pro: no plane food. Although it’s not constantly possible to find a good restaurant on the road, you’ll probably do better than the meals you get mid-flight; specifically if you want a treat – on a plane, you’ll wind up spending a little fortune for a Snickers bar.

Pro: better sights and discoveries. Driving through countries is an immersive experience that widens your horizons. You’ll make unforeseen discoveries en route and get to see the wonderful natural landscape design.

Pro: you can take as much baggage as you like. Airline companies charge an outrageous amount of money for vacation bags. On the flipside, you can fill your cars and truck to the brim with travel suitcases, if you like, and you won’t need to pay a cent.

Pro: you might have the ability to save money, if you’re going with a large group.

Con: you can’t just sit back and unwind; you have to put in the driving hours to get to your location.

Con: driving can be costly, with fuel charges and parking.

Con: you do not want to get trapped in bad weather. You could get into an accident and you’ll have to fork out for motor insurance.

Con: driving for long periods of time truly takes it out of the old girl, so you have to make sure that your car remains in great nick prior to when you try to take on an entire nation. You could end up with several costs, if you’re not cautious.

Pro: bonding time. Word to the wise: take somebody you can stand for extended periods of time, otherwise, you’re going to be at each other’s throats … and it isn’t going to be pretty. Driving through a nation is a terrific way to become closer to somebody you’re travelling with, but expect silly arguments about muffins or who gets to drive next.

Con: unless you make pit-stops to do some laborious exercise, you’re not getting much workout on your journey. You will invest a great deal of your time in your seat. Be sure to give that paving a workout on your pit stops.

Pro: overall radio control. You can sing along to your preferred songs or listen to a story tape conveniently.

Con: you cannot nap at the wheel.

Con: driving takes a lot of time. Normally, you do spend many hours at the airport (plus flight time), however driving is a real time drain, and if you just wish to get to the beach as soon as possible, driving might not be for you, especially if you get stuck needing road assistance for flat tyre.

A High-end Hotel Space Suspended in Air

There are lots of out-there hotel experiences, but chances are you have never spent the night in a high-end suite suspended 4 stories in the air in exactly what used to be a building crane. The exact same people who brought us a hotel space in a life boat have presented the brand-new Crane Hotel Faralda – remarkably, the 2nd crane hotel in The Netherlands.

The spaces are developed into the crane, varying from 114 feet from the ground to 164 feet if you schedule the greatest suite (which features its own al fresco jacuzzi!). There are 3 first-class suites: Free Spirit, Trick, and Mystique. The crane for hire and rental is also found on a dock, indicating you have got great views no matter which space you select.

Free Spirit is the most affordable hanging suite at 114 feet in the air, with a concentrate on high-design furnishings and a free-standing tub with a killer view. Secret is the next-highest suite at 130 feet in the air, and was an equipment space in a previous life. This suite is a sensational split-level with a copper tub from Marrakech. The 3rd – and highest – suite is Mystique, drifting 147 feet in the air. This suite is embellished with old parts from a sunken ocean cruiser and, as you may have thought, also has a tub that might draw hours of your day.

The Daily Express keeps in mind that these cranes move with the wind, so always remember your Dramamine if you’re prone to motion sickness. Getting to this area in Harlingen is simple, and it’s just an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

Nightly rates begin at $464 for these suites. You can find out more about the spaces on the Crane Hotel Faralda site.

Attitudes towards the concept of high-end are altering and customers are progressively choosing to endulge in far-out experiences in favor of buying high-end products. To accommodate this shift, start-ups and brand names are using current technological advances to reframe the travel journey around experiences versus hard-product deals. A current research study from The Martini Report discovered that 80 percent of upscale customers would pick a high-end experience over a high-end product, a 50-percent boost from the previous year.

“We have been tracking an intriguing shift in high-end markets that’s moving from shown status to high-end status,” states Victoria Loomes, senior patterns expert at TrendWatching. Loomes indicate Supper in the Sky, a novelty dining establishment that suspends suppers 150 feet in the air from a crane, or in a connected network of drake low loaders, or London’s Jacuzzi Movie theater, which is precisely what you’d anticipate, as examples of this pattern.

However as the accessibility of unique experiences ends up being more plentiful, the social capital they bring dwindles. “Individuals are becoming being adventure lovers,” states Loomes. “It’s significantly tough to amaze and thrill them with experiences.” The virtual world, nevertheless, supplies limitless experiential horizons, and technological developments might permit users to be convincingly immersed in unique environments. “Experience in the virtual world can accumulate as much status as it carries out in the real life,” states Loomes.

However interest in experiences isn’t really just restricted to wealthy tourists. “Who stated that guests who purchase low-cost tickets wish to consume inexpensive food,” asks Jaap Roukens, creator and president of iFLEAT, an app-based service that supplies leaflets with the restaurant food experience in the air. After downloading the app, tourists can search regional menus and pick a three-course meal for their flight by completing their name and reservation code. Using the very same logistics as a conventional airline company catered meal, iFLEAT acquires the food for the order and provides a basic half-size trolley for the flight.

“Millennials are used to buying online and they have $40 billion expense power,” states Roukens, talking about the growing need for unique airline company meals. The business partnered with airberlin, rebranding the service as airgusto, and its presently been provided on long-haul flights leaving from German centers. At a typical purchasing cost of EUR24.50, the meal service isn’t really low-cost, but, “We see clients ready to pay the additional euros for a much better dining experience,” states Nils Steinig, job supervisor of Item Advancement and Development for airberlin.

Style ideas from Seymourpowell push airline companies to retail area instead of seats, a more abstract offering that indicates something more experiential. “It’s all owned by a desire to commemorate distinction,” states Jez White, head of Transportation for the style firm. In economy class, Seymourpowell’s Morph Seat can be quickly changed, so that travelers can pick and spend for the quantity of area they require. In addition, designs can likewise be adjusted so households can reserve a seat-facing plan, for instance.

In order to fulfill differing seat plan demands, the firm established an algorithm that sorts seat positions like Tetris pieces. “Travelers do not purchase seats, they have actually purchased a condition,” discusses White. “When you integrate the hardware with software application, you use the chance to specify brand-new service paradigms.”

Closure of Tourism Centres in the East

With the rising popularity of online travel booking systems such as Airbnb and, it is believed that tourist information centres are closing in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges as a direct result. It is believed that the convenience of online booking systems has caused there to be no need for brick and mortar tourist information centres, especially in beaming travel destinations such as the Yarra Valley wineries.

Yarra Ranges Tourism will be sadly closing the doors on its beautiful centres constructed from engineered timber in Upper Ferntree Gully and Healesville in June, as a direct result of a decline in foot traffic due to the online tourism market boom.

The volunteer run Upper Ferntree Gully tourism centre on Burwood Highway and the Healesville centre located at the Old Courthouse are set to close as Yarra Ranges Tourist president; Simon O’Callaghan reveals a rapid decline in the number of visitors to the sites. It was said that less than 0.01 percent of the 6 million visitors that come to the respective locations annually visited the tourist centre.

Simon O’Callaghan commented on the situation stating that, the tourist sector has actually changed substantially over the past five years, with a variety of online travel representatives such as Airbnb and now offered for individuals to prepare their journeys and book accommodation in the yarra valley from any location in the world. The president also noted that only approximately 23,400 tourists visited the centres last year, which is down 33% from 2013. As well as this, in the same time frame call centres to the centres dropped by about 58%.

Not all hope is lost for the organisers of the visitor centres though. It is said that the Yarra Rangers Tourism Visitor websites now get more than 2.6 million yearly views, which has grown a massive 89% in the past year. “We are able to reach more than 2.3 million visitors every year through our social networks channels,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

The president revealed that the Tourism Centres cost about $180k to run every year, which will now be reallocated for investment in other areas such as live chat programs on their websites. The shift to an online service centre seems to be the most beneficial way to capture their audiences.

Mr O’Callaghan admitted that the tough decision wasn’t all on his shoulders, the tremendous volunteers that run the tourist centres were an active part in the decision making process, consisting of about 40 dedicated helpers between the Healesville and Upper Ferntree Gully centres. The volunteers are now working with the Eastern Volunteer Resource Centre to find new positions that they can fill in the community.

Both the Healesville and Upper Ferntree Gully building per rented by private and government companies and the owners will decide what will replace the tourist centres in those spaces. We understand there is a local connection to that building, it was developed with timber frames, based upon the art deco period of the likes of Burnham Beeches, so it has a fond connection for many people, so we will speak to VicTrack about it having a place in the neighbourhood in the future, Mr O’Callaghan stated. Knox Council had actually investigated putting a heritage overlay on the building.

Brooklyn’s Coolest New Hotels (Part 2)

Our ‘Part 1’ of Brooklyn’s Coolest New Hotels had everything to do with the exquisite McCarren Hotel & Swimming Pool, Hilton Brooklyn and Williamsburg Hotel. But here are another three that we love.

The William Vale

Placing itself completely brand-spanking new resort-inspired hotel, it makes a tribute to Williamsburg’s past. The monstrous 22-story, 183-room William Vale has engulfed their visitors and residents with various setups of art in the lobby and in the elevators, modern interior décor, and sweeping views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn through towering panes of glass. Oh, and “The Bachelor.” Not to mention a veranda for every room. They have avoided style trademarks like recovered wood and old-timey signs that yell “Brooklyn!” Up top, the hotel’s cocktail bar, Westlight, hosts both residents and visitors looking for breathtaking views and cocktails with names like the College Fund, made with three variations of tiki bitters, cream and root beer, and rum which are accompanied by kitchen prepared meals. On top of that, the hotel is a home of retail. Actor Dylan Sprouse of “The Suite Life with Zack & Cody”, now a master brewer, has revealed to be an occupant of this hotel. His mead-focused brewery, All-Wise Meadery, will produce pints and bottles this summer. No doubt celebrities of America’s sports teams would give up their basketball apparel and the famous Michael Jordon long basketball shorts trend for a night in this modern hotel.

Wythe Hotel

A previous cooperage that was integrated in 1901, the Wythe Hotel has retrofitted itself by its vintage-meets-modern style with picture hanging systems showing off world class art. It still has the building’s initial pine beams and factory windows but has incorporated of-the-moment accoutrements, consisting of framed modern-day art in the lobby and environmentally friendly toiletries by local supplier Goldie’s. The hotel’s 70 rooms bring the exact same commercial and yet pleasant ambiance, with beds made from recovered ceiling woods, radiant-heat concrete floor coverings, and, in the premium rooms, picture-perfect views of Manhattan. Contributing to the ‘retro-modern’ aspect is the hotel’s newest project, a live-streaming pop-up radio lounge in the lobby that hosts various conversations with authors, activists, designer, artists and other creative types. When it’s not a recording studio, the lobby operates as a sitting room-cum-library or retail store.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

A sage true blessing event began the opening of the luxurious 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in mid-February, as the very first visitors signed in to the enormous warehouse-like area in Dumbo, right by the Brooklyn Bridge. The 10-story nature-focused hotel makes a lot of references to the location’s manufacturing heritage, the sea, and the bridge itself all over the property. There are the slim metal rods at the entryway’s grand staircase, meant as an ode to the bridge; the elevator’s rough wood slabs very much resemble a shipping container; and a showcase of wall hanging art such as the 6,000 pounds of rope-bound obsidian rocks in the lobby. In keeping with the 1 Hotels brand name’s environmentally friendly objective, the majority of the products used in the hotel’s interior design and architecture are either local or recovered, consisting of pine beams from the previous Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg. Standing next to the windows inside among the 194 rooms are marble, leather, wood, rope and live plant – the Brooklyn Bridge looks almost close enough to touch. Not to mention their restaurants’ cuisines, exquisite catering for functions and hotel menu, all of which would be sourced locally and of the highest quality from the best suppliers in the city.

Brooklyn’s Coolest New Hotels (Part 1)

Brooklyn is known for its stereotypical hipster riding a vintage bike persona. But while they surely still exist at the Brooklyn Navy Lawn’s Mast Brothers chocolate factory, New York City district’s artisanal bars and trendy restaurants have been accompanied by a new generation of hotels. Dealing with tourists from overseas, around the United States or simply over the river in Manhattan, these high-design enclaves put visitors right in the middle of the easygoing, artistic Brooklyn ambiance.

In fact, Brooklyn has been so embedded its traditional culture that producers of “The Bachelor” chose the luxe William Vale hotel in the neighborhood of Williamsburg for their famous rose ceremony. It’s a far cry from the city’s history, but the past can still be seen in the traditional landscape designs and the original buildings with extensions made possible thanks to builders warranty and indemnity insurance; in the recovered wood and bricks; and subtle style touches that remind the public of the district’s centuries-old trade and manufacturing history. Out of these new generation of hotels, we have chosen six that we consider to be our preferred new hotels. All six serve classy cocktails and provide exhilarating city views that are better than any postcard. Here are three of them.

McCarren Hotel & Swimming Pool

The initial gangster of the nouveau Brooklyn hotel scene, the relatively small 5-year-old McCarren Hotel & Swimming Pool has changed with the times and already gained praise from the community. The 64-room hotel includes a playroom, foam mats and Disney or Pixar motion pictures for the kids, endless beverages for the grownups and a menu for Babies Who Brunch on Sundays (a clear winner for parents who cannot help but relish in a deliciously famous ‘New York brunch on a Sunday’). The upscaled midcentury style in the lobby is clearly displayed in the design of the rooms, all equipped with Eames-style shell rocking chairs, furry toss pillows and Frette linens on the beds. (Coffee-loving tourists adore the Nespresso devices in every suite.) Renowned for their beautifully-design pool, this feature of the hotel is accompanied by a vibrant, splashy mural by street artist LovebErto. The hotel’s swimming pool landscaping is almost perfect for Instagram.

Hilton Brooklyn

Opening last November in the heavily renovated Boerum Hill (a suburb full of questions on collecting warranty and insurance for owner builders), The Hilton Brooklyn building takes its heritage of being a rope factory in the 1800s very seriously: The carpets in the corridors include a huge rope theme, the rooms have customized charcoal-sketch toile wallpaper that portray scenes of shipbuilding, and the print of the navy-blue-and-white carpet in the rooms discreetly resemble a pattern of interlocking ropes. Classic maps of Brooklyn dot the corridors and are included in the metalwork in the lobby of the 196-room “boutique-style” hotel. Those visiting for business who are accustomed to Hilton’s benefits will be more than happy to see an exclusive executive lounge, Peter Thomas Roth toiletries, bowls of complimentary fruit in the lobby, and chances to earn more benefits and member points.

The Williamsburg Hotel

A Jenga-like building has kept its own heritage by retaining the recovered bricks and laminated timber frames of the building. The Williamsburg Hotel is in the middle of a rolling opening but two of five floorings of rooms are available for reservations. The hotel’s signature fragrance (something alike to fresh laundry) is subtle but pleasantly noticeable, created by Brooklyn-based business Apotheke, which likewise makes the hotel’s toiletries. The rooms have a fragile balance between a luxurious and homey feeling, with velour sofas, gold components in the restrooms, gilded dark-wood closets, quilted leather headboards and intense knit blankets at the foot of the beds. Ultimately, egg-shaped chairs will hang from the rooms’ terraces, perfect for taking in Manhattan views, or the best selfie. The hotel rolls out the red carpet for family pets, supplying each fluffball with a trophy-shaped chew toy, stainless-steel food and water meals and a cushioned bed.

The comments we have about each hotel is endless, but we have even more to say. Read about the other three hotels out of our preferred six in ‘Part 2’ of Brooklyn’s Coolest New Hotels.

Mumbai Overlook

Mumbai is the ideal city for many people to fulfill dreams. People throughout the country move to try their luck. Because of this reason people desire to go once and have their opportunity to show their talent and fulfill their desire in the cosmopolitan and mixed populations of the city. In this city you will find people of all caste, culture and religion. The living standard of the people is mixture of the different parts of the country and western influence and their western culture.
Mumbai has lot of things to see. Once this small island was covered by palm trees and areas was belonging to the native koli fisher-folk. In the 17th century the Portuguese visited and spotted the island with numerous forts, which nowadays also makes the city a great look and business to handle from the all ports throughout the world. In 1661, Mumbai was at last surrender to Charles II of England and ultimately turned into one the largest ports in the British Empire.

The local language of this business capital city of Mumbai is Marathi, though Hindi is common language and thoroughly used and understands by all.

• Colaba Area

Colaba is Located in South-Bombay, most preferred location for the visitors. It has number of budget and luxury hotels Mumbai are available to welcome all type of tourists.
• Mumbai Fort

The exaggerated mingle of Victorian gothic buildings in the Fort area of Mumbai, gives the European cultures of the city.
• Marine Drive

Marine drive built in 1920 around the shoreline of the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point to Malabar Hill. It’s one of Mumbai’s most famous romantic spot and sunset sight is amazing.
• Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty and Mumbai beach is the most famous beach in the Mumbai where local people enjoy to evening and feel relaxed from all the days works. In the evening it turns into a magical ambiance as locals as different sellers like balloon sellers, magicians, fortune tellers, nut vendors, ferris wheels and shooting galleries gathers to have a most enjoyable environment to create for the locals.
• Malabar Hill

The grand bungalows that sprinkled the hillside in the 18th century have now been changed by the big apartment blocks and Hotels in Mumbai.
• Kalbadevi

if you are in Mumbai then you must make a day tour to Kalbadevi bazaars located north of Crawford Market other tour to Mumbai will have incomplete journey.