Skin Care Mistakes You May Make When Traveling

Skin Care Mistakes You May Make When Traveling

You’re all set for that dream holiday and have everything packed and ready to go, but what about your skincare routine? Just because you are going on holiday and escaping the daily grind for a couple of days does not mean you need to exclude taking care of your complexion as you’re jet-setting from city to city. It’s rather the reverse. It turns out there are a couple of common skincare mistakes you may be creating while vacationing. Hint: There is much more to it than ditching skincare products such as facial cleanser and moisturiser on your carry on. Below, find out exactly what they are and exactly what you need to do instead so as to maintain skin looking its finest while you are away from your home.                                  

Mistake 1: not stocking up on travel sized products

There is just so much space in your luggage, amongst the bikinis, summer dresses and cute sandals that you are bringing. The odds are, you are likely to get some souvenirs you will want to find room to for the trek the back. That is why it is a fantastic idea to search for travel-size skincare solutions. Cannot locate your faves in smaller dimensions? No worries! It is possible to place your skincare products into small, reusable containers. To stop them from leaking, put a little piece of plastic wrap under the lid, and then keep all of them in a transparent baggie.

Mistake 2: you don’t prepare your skin for a flight

Are you going to invest some quality time in a plane anytime soon? It is a fantastic idea to do a little prep work before you board. To begin with, use makeup removing towelettes, to gently exfoliate and remove oil, dirt, and cosmetics. The wipes are alcohol-free and will not dry your skin out. Additionally, there is no rinsing needed, and therefore you don’t need to leave your flight’s waiting area to utilise them. If you want to fully safeguard, treat yourself to a hydrafacial a few days before travelling. Additionally, skin peels can also give you some instant rejuvenation just before travelling.

Mistake 3: you forget about your skincare whilst flying

Sure, you are likely to slip on a set of ear phones and listen to some music or watch a film on the plane, but give your skin some love too. If you are traveling someplace far and know you are likely to experience jet lag, then consider applying an eye lotion to help manage the appearance of dark circles and swelling—tell tale signs that you did not get sufficient sleep.

Mistake 4: you don’t refresh your face after the flight

Now you understand what to do before and during a ride in the sky– what about once you land? Your complexion may look somewhat dull after being cooped up in a dry atmosphere, so turn to brightening makeup solutions.

Mistake 5: you don’t adapt your skincare routine to the destinations’ climate

When you reserve a trip, you probably pick somewhere with a different climate than that which you reside to get a new adventure. This means that you might wish to consider tailoring your skincare regimen based on where you are going. By way of instance, if you have a tendency to use a moisturizer that is rich but you are vacationing somewhere humid and hot, it may be a fantastic idea to change to a lightweight moisturizer with a matte finish to help prevent skin from getting too greasy.

If you are visiting someplace tropical…Cleanse your skin using a micellar water morning and night to help rid the surface of the skin of dirt, oil, and cosmetics. Ensure that you bring a bunch of cotton rounds together with you also. Simply pour some micellar water on the mat and then wipe it on your own face.

If you are seeing a desert locale…With little to no moisture from the atmosphere, you might discover your skin feeling dry. Thus, decide on a gentle, no-rinse cleansing choice, and also follow up using a hydrating moisturiser, and needless to say, broad-spectrum sunscreen is crucial!

If you are seeing a chilly climate…Jet-setting into a Ski resort? You will experience dry skin, because of the very low moisture from the atmosphere. And dryness may make your skin to appear dull. Pack a lotion facial cleanser, which will help to eliminate all traces of impurities and makeup. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and helps improve smoothness and radiance.

Mistake 6: forgetting about your hands and lips

So, your face warrants the moisturising care, but no additional part of your body does? Think again! Your palms are outside in the elements–and also regular hand-washing can lead them to become sterile. Make sure you throw a hand lotion in your handbag so you can moisturise on the move–bonus stage if it’s SPF! Your lips also deserve a little excess love. Maintain a hydrating lip balm (better when it’s SPF!) in your bag so it is possible to reapply on the move. After all, employing lipstick over dry lips is not an enjoyable adventure, right?

Mistake 7: you don’t use sunscreen or aren’t using enough of it

We have told you that before, and we’ll tell you again: Broad-spectrum sunscreen is crucial year-round, rain or shine. When you invest some time at the sun without wearing protection, this may cause harm, which may appear as visible signs of ageing down the road, such as dark stains and wrinkles. Sunsmart advocates having a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater, make sure you reapply at least every 2 hours, or promptly after swimming or perspiration.

Mistake 8: you forget to nourish from the inside

When travelling, we sometimes opt for fast food and eat less healthy than usual. Don’t forget to eat plenty of fresh food including vegetables and choose wholesome prepared meals instead of oily fast food that could damage your skin.

Now you know the errors to avoid, you can go about your holiday with this much-needed stress-free mindset you have been craving (and deserving).