Fancy Art Hotels Around The World

In the society which we live in, there’s normally somebody aiming to become successful by providing a new meaning to extravagance. Whereas there is a yacht made by Jeff Koons to continuously mull over, there’s no arguing that spending the night at an exquisite place, surrounded by magnificent pieces of art worth millions with world class customer service is unique and a one of a kind experience.

In case you’re an enthusiast of luxury voyaging and are sick of the usual tourist-filled places (and at times the additional rats); here’s a rundown of the few resorts from all over the world, which includes fantastic collections of artwork (one of them being an accommodation in Hobart having over 500 pieces of artwork in their collection) to add on into your own bucket listing!

1. The Thief, Oslo

The Thief, true to its significance, are artworks “stolen” from the Curator Sune Nordgren by a few museums to place on screen. Some are out of the notable Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art; that is but a brief distance off. Along with others, by the collector Petter Stordalen, plus a famous hotel tycoon.

The Thief includes much more or less 150 modern arts, by famous artists like Jeff Koons and Julian Opie, amongst others. Along with the pieces of artwork exhibited in the resort varies every now and then. Each room presents different mediums of art. From photographs to prints to procured paperwork.

However, they also contain original functions in the Oslo Suite. And of course that a few creations by Sir Peter Blake. The Apparatjik package can be availed from the daring in your heart. It presents artwork installations, disco clothes and video arts created by the supergroup Apparatjik presented on metal display stands.

2. La Colombe d’Or, Côte d’Azur

Located in Côte d’Azur, South of France is really a charming hotel from the name of La Colombe d’Or. What initially started as a bar named Chez Robinson back in 1902, today comes with a rich selection of history. Proprietors Paul and Baptistine Roux decided to transform it as an inn, also renamed the institution as La Colombe d’Or.

They have a small, however notable buildup of artworks together with a massive sculpture by Alexander Calder located by the pool along with a Georges Braque mosaic. Their most recent addition is a mosaic from the backyard produced by Sean Scully.

A good deal of free thinkers and artists from the 1940s were drawn to the Côte d’Azur. During the time, artists have chosen to remain in the inn, leaving their nice creations behind. Much like Joan Miró and Henri Matisse, whose artworks continue to be exhibited there. The accommodation stays a family-run firm.

3. Henry Jones Hotel, Australia

As a hotel that prides itself on its history and art collection, staying at the Henry Jones is comparable to staying at a museum — a very comfortable, museum. Boasting over 500 pieces of artworks on display, Henry Jones is among the best luxury hotels in Hobart. They provide guests with art and history tours to share the history behind the establishment and the 500 over Tasmanian art inhibiting its walls.

4. 21c Louisville Museum Hotel, USA

Everything started when writers Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson began collecting artworks. Whatever the case, as their assortment thrived, in order the number of resorts they opened. 21c is a collection of highly modern art museum resorts. To adapt their rotating displays, they now have 4 hotels in the company — with 4 currently in the works.

Artworks currently exhibited in the Louisville website are: Text Rain movie from Camille Utterback, Cloud Rings from Ned Khan (which divides fog to the sidewalk), along with Iván Navarro’s Untitled light bulb and mirror installments at the elevator ceilings. Artworks are exhibited in each the rooms, so guests will really wake up surrounded by them.

5. Peabody Hotel Group, USA

Jasmine (13 ft wide) was created for the Peabody Hotel Group, Memphis, TN. The Peabody Hotel Group needed a wire work art for their Hampton Inn and Suites that exemplified the music scene in Memphis. The resort is situated a couple hundred feet out of Beal Street — a significant jazz center and tourist attraction — also hosts many groups which come to Memphis for your audio. I researched the region and created drawings of a few of the artists. I wished to demonstrate the involvement of individuals with their songs. The drawings brought from the intense feelings, as well as the cord, highlighted that energy. Hotel management enjoyed the sculpture so much that they requested that an extra figure is added to the group. Since the mural is produced from quite a few personalities which are individually wrapped, it was simple to re-arrange the bits to keep up a visual balance.

If seeing art is not really your thing, here are some other cool hotels around the world: