Driving Versus Flying These Holidays?

Pro: you’re in charge. By and large, individuals enjoy their vacations more when they have greater flexibility. It’s the spontaneous choices that make a holiday really unique. With a car and truck in your belongings with a spare tyre replacement handy, you’re not lumped with a set travel plan – you can find your own fun and take things at your own rate.

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Pro: no plane food. Although it’s not constantly possible to find a good restaurant on the road, you’ll probably do better than the meals you get mid-flight; specifically if you want a treat – on a plane, you’ll wind up spending a little fortune for a Snickers bar.

Pro: better sights and discoveries. Driving through countries is an immersive experience that widens your horizons. You’ll make unforeseen discoveries en route and get to see the wonderful natural landscape design.

Pro: you can take as much baggage as you like. Airline companies charge an outrageous amount of money for vacation bags. On the flipside, you can fill your cars and truck to the brim with travel suitcases, if you like, and you won’t need to pay a cent.

Pro: you might have the ability to save money, if you’re going with a large group.

Con: you can’t just sit back and unwind; you have to put in the driving hours to get to your location.

Con: driving can be costly, with fuel charges and parking.

Con: you do not want to get trapped in bad weather. You could get into an accident and you’ll have to fork out for motor insurance.

Con: driving for long periods of time truly takes it out of the old girl, so you have to make sure that your car remains in great nick prior to when you try to take on an entire nation. You could end up with several costs, if you’re not cautious.

Pro: bonding time. Word to the wise: take somebody you can stand for extended periods of time, otherwise, you’re going to be at each other’s throats … and it isn’t going to be pretty. Driving through a nation is a terrific way to become closer to somebody you’re travelling with, but expect silly arguments about muffins or who gets to drive next.

Con: unless you make pit-stops to do some laborious exercise, you’re not getting much workout on your journey. You will invest a great deal of your time in your seat. Be sure to give that paving a workout on your pit stops.

Pro: overall radio control. You can sing along to your preferred songs or listen to a story tape conveniently.

Con: you cannot nap at the wheel.

Con: driving takes a lot of time. Normally, you do spend many hours at the airport (plus flight time), however driving is a real time drain, and if you just wish to get to the beach as soon as possible, driving might not be for you, especially if you get stuck needing road assistance for flat tyre.